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Open Kimono
Stay Calm

Price: $10.00
Art-pop with a biting edge, intelligent lyrics, and adventurous production. Singer-songwriter takes a dive into groovier territory.

Pierre De Gaillande
Bad Reputation II

Price: $10.00
A brand new batch of translations of George Brassens' brilliant, raunchy, poetic songs, performed by Pierre de Gaillande and the band.
Bad Reputation

Price: $10.00
Pierre de Gaillande sings his own English translations of Georges Brassens' funny, raunchy, subversive, and irresistibly melodic songs. Backed by an all-star cast of New York musicians.
Bad Reputation 5 Song EP

Price: $7.00
Five Unreleased Bad Reputation songs, digital download only. 1 - Le Petit Cheval. 2 - The Bistro.
3 - Poor Martin. 4 - The Very First Girl. 5 - Friendship First of All.

Poor Martin / The Bistro 7

Price: $5.00
Barbes Records/Ugly Duckling Presse. Two new English versions of Georges Brassens songs translated and performed by Pierre de Gaillande and the Bad Reputation band.
Bad Reputation Box Set

Price: $50.00
Limited boxed set edition, in a joint release from Ugly Duckling Presse and Barbes Records. Includes a book of Pierre de Gaiilande's English translations of Brassens's songs; Bad Reputation CD ; exclusive, limited-run 7-inch record of two unreleased songs; and artwork by New York artist Hannah Cole.

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The Snow
Disaster Is Your Mistress

Price: $10.00
The Snow returns for a third outing, Disaster is Your Mistress, its most complex and lushly orchestrated album to date. Veteran engineer Charles ‘Chicky’ Reeves (Radiohead, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Tito Puente) navigates haunting classical flourishes, Motown horns and Beatlesque pop soundscapes to take the listener on an unexpected sonic journey. Think of Serge Gainsbourg hitching a ride with Carole King and Fiona Apple in a boat atop rolling rapids of champagne.

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I Die Every Night

Price: $10.00
The Snow's fantastic second album will accompany you through endless days and sleepless nights.
True Dirt

Price: $10.00
The Snow's magnificent debut album. Dark and smoky folk-rock featuring songs of spiritual yearning in a post-religious world, cleaning products, and love between an octopus and a starfish. Check us out on mySpace.

Look Out!

Price: $6.00
Melomane’s new EP of disaster-themed songs, recorded in a studio in the Pyrenees during a break from Melomane's August 2007 tour of France. It is their most rocking output to date, featuring the cynical/poetic/political lyrics of their first three albums, but wading into all-out guitar aggression, large-scale orchestral soundscapes, and bittersweet melodic heartbreak in turns. The EP features a collaboration with LA-based singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell, who lends her vocal abilities to Melomane’s first French-only number, Je Suis Une Allumette.
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Price: $10.00
Melomane's third album. Contains the dark and clever lyrics of the first two albums, while exploring yet more rich and cinematic musical territory.
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Price: $10.00
Melomane's outstanding second album. Maintains the intimacy and quality songwriting of Resolvo, with a slightly more muscular edge.
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Price: $10.00
Melomane's outstanding debut album. Intimate and sparkling production, subtle and surprising lyrics. A classic!
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Sea Foxx
Dead in the Water

Price: $10.00
Side project of Melomane frontman Pierre de Gaillande, featuring former members of Skeleton Key and Gogol Bordello. Sounds like Cat Power meets the Smurfs.
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No They Do
When Robots Rule The World

Price: $10.00
Its a lo-fi masterpiece, about robots! Check out some songs here or look at the myspace page.

Pee-Air 7"

Price: $5.00
Melomane frontman’s rare eponymous vinyl 7" 45rpm record featuring four early bedroom-folk home recordings. SOLD OUT!

Morex Optimo
Beast of Reflection

Price: $12.00
Impulsive inventions in new wave, rock, pop, punk a la XTC, Wire, X and other bands whose names start with letters late in the musical alphabet. Absurdly musical; lyrically savage. Brilliant and beautiful. homepage
3 Song EP

Price: $5.00
Get this gem while it lasts.